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Shreeji Maharaj was dictating a letter to Muljibhai. Muljibhai was writing the dictation, with his spectacles positioned carefully on the bridge of his nose.

In a fit of fun, Shreeji Maharaj extended his arm and pulled Muljibhai’s spectacles away. Muljibhai immediately stopped writing the letter. Shreeji Maharaj questioned him, “Come on Mulji write the letter.”

“How can I write this letter? Now that you have removed my spectacles, I can’t see a thing” Muljibhai complained.

Shreeji Maharaj replaced the spectacles on Muljibhai’s nose. “I still can’t see anything, Maharaj! I am blind!” exclaimed Muljibhai.

Shreeji Maharaj removed the spectacles from Muljibhai again. “Wow!! I can see! Even without the spectacles, I can see everything! Shouted Muljibhai with ecstatic joy.

“Mulji, you shall now see forever. Until your last breath”, Shreeji Maharaj blessed Muljibhai.

So it was that Muljibhai’s sight returned and stayed with him for the rest of his life.

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